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Camp ACE (Awesome Camp Experience)



Basic Info



Who: Children 6-17 years


When: May 30 – Aug 11


Hours: Mon-Fri

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Early Bird Hours- 7- 9 AM

Breakfast served 7:30-8:30 AM


Weekly Themes

w  Week 1: Welcome to the Jungle!

Deciduous tree   (May 30 - June 2)

w  Week 2: GEEK Week

 Flask  (June 5 - 9)

w  Week 3: Surf’s Up!

  Sailboat (June 12 - 16)

w  Week 4: Lost in Space

  Satellite (June 19 - 23)

w  Week 5: Disney Adventures

                           (June 26 - 30)

w  Week 6: USA all the Way!

 Stars  (July 3 – 7/Closed 4th)

w  Week 7: Band Aid Week

  Medical (July 10 - 14)

w  Week 8: Mystery Week

Help   (July 17 - 21)

w  Week 9: Big City Lights

  City (July 24 - 28)

w  Week 10: Lazy Days of Summer

   Sunglasses (July 31 – Aug 4)

w  Week 11: PLUS Week

                      (Aug 7 – 11)



$95/Week for 6-10 Year Olds

$90/Week for 2nd Child &

$85/Week for 3rd Child

$60/Week for 11-17 Year Olds



w  Daily activities will include morning fitness, games, sports, arts and crafts, computer lab, swimming, field trips and much more!


w  One to two field trips per week, locally or 65 mile driving distance.  First come first serve basis and must be signed up/paid in advance


w  Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack provided through USDA Summer Food Service Program.  For Breakfast, children must be signed in by 8 a.m.  No outside food allowed.  Concession available on limited basis


Weekly challenges, arts & crafts, summer enrichment, guest speakers and more...     

Camp ACE


Dress Code:

Comfortable play clothes, closed toe shoes, and change of clothes, (may send pair of flip flops to be used on swim days).


Unacceptable Attire:

w  Body piercing (not to include ears)

w  Baggy pants

w  Revealing clothing

w  Clothing with inappropriate logos, words

w  Muscle shirts

w  Spaghetti straps shirts

w  Midriff tops

w  Wheeled shoes

Behavior: Behavior rules will be strictly enforced per signed behavior contract. Violence of any kind will mean automatic send home for the day.


Personal belongings: NO electronics allowed except on field trips. This includes: cell phones, Ipods, computers, game systems, mp3 players, etc.

We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.


Sick Children: If your child is sick, please keep them home until they are well.  We will call for your child to be picked up if they are ill. 

$95/week 6-10 years

$90/week for 2nd child &

$85/week for 3rd child


$60/week 11-17 years

$95/week 6-10 years

$90/week for 2nd child &

$85/week for 3rd child


$60/week 11-17 years

eek 6-10 years

$90/week for 2nd child &

$85/week for 3rd child


$60/week 11-17 years


$95/week 6-10 years

$90/week for 2nd child &

$85/week for 3rd child


$60/week 11-17 years


Date:  Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - Friday, August 11, 2017
Every Mon-Fri ending on 8/11/2017.
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Time:  07:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Central Time


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