Marietta Jenkins Scholarship
BeauCARE, Inc. is proud to present the Marietta Jenkins Scholarship.  The scholarship is named after Ms. Marietta Jenkins - a retired educator in our community who has been a guiding force in improving young minds for generations.  Ms. Jenkins has also been an integral part of our agency since its beginning in 1991.  We are very honored to be able to name this scholarship fund after an individual who has dedicated her life to educating and enhancing the lives of our youth.  One outgoing Beauregard Parish seniors will be awarded the one-time $500 scholarship each year in the hopes of continuing the education of our young people.
The winner of the first Marietta Jenkins scholarship is DeRidder High School's Whitney Lynn - Class of 2013!  Congratulations to a fine young person who not only excels academically but strives to give back to the community!
In 2014, two scholarships were awarded to outstanding Beauregard Parish students - Austin Stultz from South Beauregard High School & Jacqueline Rushford from DeRidder High School. 

In 2015, Bethany Roberts from DeRidder High School & Miah Lognion of East Beauregard High School were awarded the MJ Scholarship.

In 2016, Milan Lognion of East Beauregard High School received the MJ Scholarship

In 2017, the winners of the MJ Scholarship were Sheridan Douglas and Damien Davis from DeRidder High School
Marietta Jenkins Scholarship Application

Application Instructions

Please complete the application form to apply for the Marietta Jenkins Scholarship and submit it by March 29, 2018. Late applications will not be accepted.

One one-time scholarships of $500 will be granted per year.


Must be a resident of Beauregard Parish

Must have attended one of the following schools DeRidder High School, East Beauregard High School, South Beauregard High School, Singer High School, or Merryville High School

Must be a graduating senior with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher

Must have been a participant in any BeauCARE program or at BeauCARE Head Start

Must have done at least 15 hours or more of volunteer work at either BeauCARE or BeauCARE Head Start prior to applying for scholarship.  **NOTE - 75% of the scoring will be for volunteerism & essay with 25% for GPA/Extra-Curriculars.

We look forward to receiving your completed application.


The BeauCARE Board of Directors Scholarship Committee
Application can be found in our Forms section.

Applications can be submitted by mail to: BeauCARE, Inc.

PO Box 1779

DeRidder, LA 70634



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