150 Ways to Show Kids You Care
150 Ways to Show Kids You Care
  1. Notice them
  2. Smile a lot
  3. Acknowledge them
  4. Learn their Names
  5. Seek them out
  6. Remember their birthdays
  7. Ask them about themselves
  8. Look in their eyes when you talk to them
  9. Listen to them
  10. Play with them
  11. Read aloud together
  12. Giggle together
  13. Be nice
  14. Say yes a lot
  15. Tell them their feelings are okay
  16. Set boundaries that keep them safe
  17. Be honest
  18. Be yourself
  19. Listen to their stories
  20. Hug them
  21. Forget your worries sometimes and concentrate only on them
  22. Notice when they're acting differently
  23. Present options when they seek your counsel
  24. Play outside together
  25. Surprise them
  26. Stay with them when they're afraid
  27. Invite them over for juice
  28. Suggest better behaviors when they act out
  29. Feed them when they're hungry
  30. Delight in their discoveries
  31. Share their excitement
  32. Send them a letter or postcard
  33. Follow them when they lead
  34. Notice when they are absent
  35. Call them to say hello
  36. Hide surprises for them to find
  37. Give them space when they need it
  38. Contribute to their collections
  39. Discuss their dreams and nightmares
  40. Laugh at their jokes
  41. Be relaxed
  42. Kneel, squat, or sit so you're at their level
  43. Answer their questions
  44. Tell them how terrific they are
  45. Create a tradition with them and keep it
  46. Learn what they have to teach
  47. Use your ears more than your mouth
  48. Make yourself available
  49. Show up at their concerts, games, and events
  50. Find a common interest
  51. Hold hands during a walk
  52. Apologize when you've done something wrong
  53. Listen to their favorite music with them
  54. Keep the promises you make
  55. Wave and smile when part
  56. Display their artwork in your home
  57. Thank them
  58. Point out what you like about them
  59. Clip magazine pictures or articles that interest them
  60. Give them lots of compliments
  61. Catch them doing something right
  62. Encourage win-win solutions
  63. Give them you undivided attention
  64. Ask for their opinion
  65. Have fun together
  66. Be curious with them
  67. Introduce them to your friends and family
  68. Tell them how much you like being with them
  69. Let them solve most of their own problems
  70. Meet their friends
  71. Meet their parents
  72. Let them tell you how they feel
  73. Help them become and expert at something
  74. Be excited when you see them
  75. Tell them about yourself
  76. Let them act their age
  77. Praise more; criticize less
  78. Be consistent
  79. Admit when you make a mistake
  80. Enjoy your time together
  81. Give them a special nickname
  82. Marvel at what they can do
  83. Tell them how proud you are of them
  84. Unwind together
  85. Be happy
  86. Ask them to help you
  87. Support them
  88. Applaud their successes
  89. Deal with problems and conflicts when they are small
  90. Pamper them
  91. Chaperone a dance
  92. Tell them stories in which they are the hero
  93. Believe in them
  94. Nurture them with good food, good words, and good fun
  95. Be flexible
  96. Delight in their uniqueness
  97. Let them make mistakes
  98. Notice when they grow
  99. Wave and honk when you drive by them
  100. Give them immediate feedback
  101. Include them in conversations
  102. Respect them
  103. Join in their adventures
  104. Visit their schools
  105. Help them learn something new
  106. Be understanding when they have a difficult day
  107. Give them good choices
  108. Respect the choices they make
  109. Be silly together
  110. Hang out together
  111. Make time to be with them
  112. Inspire their creativity
  113. Accept them as they are
  114. Become their advocate
  115. Appreciate their individuality
  116. Talk openly with them
  117. Tolerate their interruptions
  118. Trust them
  119. Share a secret
  120. Write a chalk message on the sidewalk
  121. Create a safe, open environment
  122. Be available
  123. Cheer their accomplishments
  124. Encourage them to help others
  125. Tackle new tasks together
  126. Believe what they say
  127. Help them take a stand and stand with them
  128. Daydream with them
  129. Do what they like to do
  130. Make decisions together
  131. Magnify their magnificence
  132. Build something together
  133. Encourage them to think big
  134. Celebrate their firsts and lasts
  135. Go places together
  136. Welcome their suggestions
  137. Visit them when they're sick
  138. Record a message for them
  139. Help them learn from mistakes
  140. Be sincere
  141. Introduce them to people of excellence
  142. Tell them what you expect of them
  143. Give them your phone number
  144. Introduce them to new experiences
  145. Share a meal together
  146. Talk directly together
  147. Be spontaneous
  148. Expect their best; don't expect perfection
  149. Empower them to help and be themselves
  150. Love them, no matter what
By Jolene L. Roehlkepartain



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