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7/14/2015 2015-2016 Parent Handbook for the Afterschool Progam
 201-2016 After School Parent Handbook
7/14/2015 After School Fee Memo for 2015-2016
 After School Program Fee Memo for 2015-2016
BeauCARE Organizational Info
2/14/2012 2011 Annual Report
1/2/2013 2012 Annual Report
  The annual report for 2012 for BeauCARE, Inc.
3/24/2014 2013 Annual Report
1/19/2018 FY17 Annual Report
 FY17 BeauCARE Inc. Annual Report
7/16/2018 FY17 Audit Report
 FY17 Audit Report
9/12/2013 After School Brochure
  The After School brochure highlights the Program, giving readers a general grasp of the program and it's accomplishments.
9/10/2013 BeauCARE Facility Brochure
3/12/2015 Beauregard Parish Coordinated Enrollment Brochure
3/12/2015 Beauregard Parish Early Childhood Coordinated Enrollment Brochure
 Beauregard Parish Early Childhood Education Network Coordinated Enrollment Brochure
7/26/2014 Laser Tag General Info Brochure

General Info Brochure for Laser Tag

4/28/2014 Summer Camp 2014 Brochure
  Summer Camp 2014 Brochure
5/26/2015 Summer 2015 Laser Tag Schedule
 Summer 2015 Laser Tag Schedule
1/6/2015 Turbo Kick
  Turbo Kick Flyer
Head Start Info
9/22/2011 2010-2011 Community Assessment
9/23/2011 Frequently Asked Questions about Head Start
Have a question about Head Start?  Check out this info for lots of answers!
7/16/2018 FY17/18 Head Start Annual Report
 FY17/18 Head Start Annual Report
8/27/2014 Head Start Annual Report - FY13-14
  BeauCARE Head Start Annual Report for FY13-14
Informational Websites
9/26/2011 Afterschool Alliance
Learn more about the Afterschool Alliance and how critical advocacy for Afterschool programs is to our youth.  
2/24/2012 Afterschool Alliance Blog
10/29/2012Aug-Oct 2012 Newsletter
  The BeauCOURIER for August - October 2012
1/16/2014 December BeauCourier
 The December BeauCourier
1/9/2013 January 2013 BeauCourier
5/7/2012 January-March 2012 Newsletter
5/7/2012 January/February/March 2012 Newsletter
8/16/2012 May-July FY12 Newsletter
Newspaper Articles
8/29/2014 1st Tactical Laser Tag Tournament Press Release
  News Release for the 1st Annual Tactical Laser Tag Tournament benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project
4/2/2012 2012 Rhinestone Roundup Sheriff
4/2/2012 6th Annual Rhinestone Roundup
4/2/2012 6th Annual Rhinestone Roundup Photos
Program Registration
4/7/2015 Summer Camp 2015 Registration
  Summer Camp 2015 Registration Packet



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