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Safety Town

Safety Town is a program designed to teach kindergarten and first-grade students about traffic safety. For one week near the end of the school year, BeauCARE Team Members and volunteers go to K.R. Hanchey Elementary to set up Safety Town, a child-sized replica of the City of DeRidder, complete with a miniature Wal-Mart, Stine Lumber, Courthouse, Beauregard Memorial Hospital, and various other buildings--including BeauCARE, of course!
Students spend the first day learning about what all the road signs and markings mean, and then each day after that, they put their knowledge to the test, driving pedal-operated go-karts through the town. The BeauCARE Team and volunteers watch to be sure they are following all the traffic laws -- anyone caught speeding, running stop signs, or not stopping at crosswalks and railroad tracks is given a ticket... and might even get sent to jail!
Safety Town is highly instrumental in teaching young children how to recognize signs of danger when they are out and about in town. It has been an integral part of BeauCARE's community contributions since 1994.
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