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SAY YES - Serving At-Risk Youth Yummy Edible Snacks

SAY YES (Serving At-Risk Youth Yummy Edible Snacks) - A backpack healthy snack program that provides healthy snacks during out of school time breaks for children ages 3-17.  SAY YES is donation -based and collects items year round for the backpack snack program.  

During out of school time breaks, access to healthy foods is decreased significantly.  The SAY YES Program fills a gap for children ages 3-17 with a bag full of healthy snacks during their school breaks and some weekends.  

Donations are accepted year round and can consist of items such as 100% fruit juice boxes, unsweetened fruit cups/pouches, individual packs of goldfish, animal crackers of graham crackers, granola bars, Nutri-grain bars, and other healthy snack options.  Closer to distribution dates, donations of fresh fruit is also encouraged.  


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